15th - 17th September 2014,
Manchester Conference Centre,
Manchester, UK.

Invitation for Papers

The PSA2014 conference and exhibition will be relevant to a range of scientific, technological and engineering sectors, in particular, the pharmaceutical, nuclear, chemical, biomedical, mineral, food and household product industries.

Papers are particularly welcome in the following thematic areas:

  • Manufacturing and functionalisation of particulates or structured particulate products from the nanometre to millimetre scale.
  • Particle characterisation and measurement.
  • Nanoparticles.
  • Image analysis.
  • PAT.
  • Suspension, stability and rheology.
  • New materials (MOFW's & MIPS).
  • Foams, emulsions and colloids.
  • Safety.
  • Bulk powder systems - or 'particulate'.
  • Surfaces, pores and interfaces.
  • Generation, measurement and use of ultra-fine bubbles.

UK Particle Technology Forum

We welcome the inclusion of the UK Particle Technology Forum within PSA2014. For more details on the forum please see its dedicated web site.

Fine Bubble Industries Association, FBIA

Micro-bubbles have been used in many applications from medicine to industrial cleaning. Sessions of the conference will be devoted to the generation, characterisation and applications of fine and ultrafine bubbles.

There is much controversy over why ultrafine bubbles (nanobubbles) exist in water for long periods in time, but applications for ultrafine bubbles have been demonstrated from accelerating the growth of hydroponically grown plants to enhanced removal of deposits from highway structures and other cleaning operations.

An ultrafine bubble generator will be shown during the Exhibition period of this conference.