15th - 17th September 2014,
Manchester Conference Centre,
Manchester, UK.

Welcome to the PSA 2014 Conference and Exhibition

The success of the previous PSA conferences, which attracted in the region of 200 to 300 visitors and 25 world-wide exhibitors, has prompted the committee of The Particle Characterisation Interest Group [PCIG] of the Royal Society of Chemistry to organise another conference and exhibition on Particulate Systems Analysis (PSA), including applications, with particular relevance to the chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, nuclear, mineral, food and household products industries.

The impetus and trend in many chemical, technological and engineering endeavours is to organise inter-disciplinary and joint professional meetings and seminars. The reasoning behind these worthy co-operations is simply that so many scientific, research and industrial development projects require this multi-disciplinary knowledge of chemistry, engineering and technology. Our conference PSA2014 is an example of this: we have a substantial part of our programme dedicated to our usual Particle Characterisation endeavours (with an eye on the practical use of the resulting information) and we welcome the incorporation of two key events in to PSA. The first is the UK Particle Technology Forum (co-sponsored by The IChemE PT Special Interest Group), an approximately annual event focussing on the younger PT community and including the Young Researcher Award, more details are on its dedicated website. The second is a symposium dedicated to fine bubbles, which has arisen out of medical and industrial research. This symposium has a major input from the Japanese Fine Bubble Association and more details are provided on theĀ website.

I have also been asked to point out that the Conference Registration fee does include one registration at the Conference Dinner. Please only select additional registrations when booking if you wish to bring a guest. We are still accepting abstracts for the conference - please do contact Brian Miller if you need further information.

Further details may be obtained from the PCIG Hon Secretary, Mr Brian Miller.

Professor Richard Holdich,
Particle Characterisation Interest Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry